1 year of AIRY!

After 1-2 days of use per week for 1 year, this one has slowly faded to a soulful look.


The loopwheeled AIRY texture has become strongly enhanced over time and the naturally dyed colour-way has become enriched and warmer like your favourite teddy bear.


Take a look at the AIRY loopwheel texture, the surface has become more fluffy and reminds us of some vintage USA tees. The softness has also improved and fits around the body so comfortably.


That triple stitched collar is holding up so well and in-fact has maintained the perfect shape around the neck. The ribbed section has gained a beautiful raised texture making up for an irregular look, typically seen on vintage USA training sweatshirts.

This one will continue to enhance with each wear. Let's see how it goes in the future!