Each pair of 1001 will age to a unique look, no dobut! Here's some pairs worn for over 1001 hours.


Here we have some prime examples of the different journeys your denims can take... Left is of course brand new RAW condition, the middle and right side pair are worn so differently which has yielded some amazing fades.



'The Mechanic' Daily Hard Wear

Worn by our dear customer who works as a mechanic. He really wears em hard no cap! 6 days a week, 8-10 hours of hard work each day. Soaked every 1-2 months and most recently machine washed. The current look is super high contrast with many deep shades of grand indigo retained. The rain drop pattern has really let off some strong raindrops... amazing! His heavy wear has let off some tasteful rips and tears, only a hard worker can achieve this!



'Soulful guy' Daily Casual Use

Another dear customer of ours has been wearing his denims and shown us an amazing soulful look. He wears them around 5 days per week and machine washes every 2-3 weeks. The result is an amazingly soft faded pair with a soulful vintage vibe reminding us of the blue summer sky.


The story will no doubt continue.... for many years. There's many shades of indigo left in each pair and more journeys to be had. Lets see how they go!