1001T 13.2oz 'RAIN-DROP' Denim (Tapered fit) 1 Year of Wear (In-depth view)

In our opinion, a great pair of Japanese denim should have unique texture & quality construction. In brand new condition, every pair of denim is the same but the owner influences the denim's ageing based on their lifestyle, body shape and frequency of use. The result of this is a truly one of a kind appearance made up of soft and high contrast fades.

Today, we would like to share this pair of 1001T denim worn for 1 year by our dear customer Michael!

Michael is a small business owner living in Sydney. He does office work and travels locally fairly often. As he described, this pair of 1001T looks unreal slubby and dark indigo due to its 13.2oz lightweight. After the first, 45min soak, the texture became even more enhanced which was a pleasant surprise to Michael.

After the first month of 5~6 days of wear per week, the slubby textures become smooth and very comfortable for daily use. Despite the exaggerated and strong texture, the feeling when worn is silky smooth against the skin. Look at the soft whiskers on the front side and the subtle honeycomb on the backside. The vertical raindrop texture is really sparkling out and makes up for a very unique look.

Despite being constructed with pure cotton threads, the stitching has maintained its strength and shape as the denim fades and revealed more indigo shades.


The raised belt loops have now developed a super high contrast look. The stitching is protected and kept sturdy while the raised edge reveals a beautiful bright shade of indigo.

Thanks to the double stitching, the back pockets are holding up well and have kept Michael's wallet safe! The riveted re-reinforcements are also holding things in place and add a subtle high contrast fade around the edges.

Take a look at the leather patch! The high-density horsehide has gained a shiny appearance and becomes extra soft.

The silver-coated iron buttons have undergone an amazing transformation. Due to oxidisation, wear and tear, they've gained a 'sunken' ship look with tasteful patina and increase contrast in the granular details of the lettering. As for the copper rivets, they've continued to darken and make up for a tasteful vintage look.