Denim washing 1001

To enter the door to the faded dimension, washing is your key! Some may disregard washing and wear for years with no washes whatsoever but the beauty of the denim is not truly revealed...

Its good to do so at-least every month or two if you wear them 3-4 times a week. It keeps the cotton stitching from busting and wearing out due to the friction of the rigid, raw denim fabric. Also, by washing your denims you're allowing the many shades of grand indigo reveal themselves with time.

So, how is it done!? Firstly, turn your denims inside out, button up the fly and unroll the leg openings.Then soak them in cold water for 30mins! Alternatively for a more ‘broken in’ feeling, do a cold machine wash on gentle or 'hand-wash' mode. Hang dry them outside and you’re done! Never use a drying machine or heat to speed up the process as this will add additional shrinkage. Enjoy your freshly washed denims!

The beauty of freshly washed denims is the vibrant indigo revealed and the natural smell of indigo dye.

Do give it a try and enter the universe of texture!