‘Stanley’ Selvage Chambray Work Shirt (Indigo) - 2 Years of Wear V.S Brand New

This 9oz selvage chambray is slowly woven from a re-constructed denim machine to produce even more uneven textures compared to standard chambray fabrics.

In the beginning, the touch was as rough as some lightweight Japanese selvage denim, however, with wear and wash, it becomes softer and more comfortable so you can even wear it in the summertime!

The indigo colour was dark and it was hard to tell whether it was indigo or charcoal grey. After 2 years of wear and washes, the dark indigo has gradually faded to a vintage sky-blue vibe!

Construction-wise, as this shirt is finished using a vintage Union Special chain-stitching machine, the collar, cuffs and hem have some very strong roping fades that are some of the most beautiful detailed details we love to see!

We also love the natural pearl buttons, with 2 years of heavy use, the look is more ‘Wabi-sabi’ type and still retains its special sheen!

Lee wears this shirt 1~2 days per week, 9~10 months per year over 2 years. It is still his favourite shirt he is used to it!

However, the fabric has become lighter so he prefers to wear it less frequently this year ^^.

Let’s look forward to how will it age in the future!