1001G 13.2oz 'RAIN-DROP' Denim (Gym fit) 1 Year of Wear (In-depth view)

In our last journal post 1001T 13.2oz 'RAIN-DROP' Denim (Tapered fit) 1 Year of Wear (In-depth view), we discussed how each pair of denim is truly unique. Now we can continue this discussion with an amazing example. This is the same denim (1001G), but you can clearly see the way it has aged is so different and unique compared to the previous example. Let's explore that!

Today, we would like to share this pair of 1001G denim worn for 1 year by our dear customer Bruce!

Bruce is mechanic in Victoria and he really does work hard. He told us that nearly every day in the workshop is more than 8 hours and quite intensive activities. His lifestyle really influenced his 1001G fades to reflect his dedication and craftsmanship in the workshop.

The overall look has become very high contrast and you can see some super bright hits of grand indigo through out. The vertical raindrop texture is incredibly strong and vibrant. From the front side whiskers to the rear honey comb stacks, the fading strikes are very dramatic.


In areas of extreme wear, you can see some light scaring and in some situations tears! This is the signs of a real hard worker, no doubt. Look at the beautifully fluffy cotton fibres that become revealed in his areas of extreme wear. This gives off such a soulful look.


The front and back pockets have held up to the daily abuse of Bruce's workshop routine and really convey how hard they have been worked. The creases and highlights of indigo are graceful but dramatic in their appearance.


Lets see how they continue to age in time. No doubt these are a strong companion of Bruce in the workshop.