13.2OZ 'Rain Drop' Uniform for daily life

The uniform for a UNIQUE daily life!

When thinking about vintage 'work wear' it's hard to forget those examples of denim uniforms from the early introduction of denim by Levis in the late 1880s to the WWII uniforms from the USA in WWII. Denim has always been an icon for the durability and dedication to people's hard work or life on the battlefield.

What we bring to you is a 'uniform' for modern daily life! If you look closely you can see many details may be inspired by vintage by in fact they are all modern in execution and nothing like 'reproduction'. From the slim tapered fitting to the modified pocket designs, this a true denim uniform but of course more UNIQUE.

We also take much pride in providing you with our own signature denim fabric that is nostalgic from afar but a whole new experience up close. This 13.2oz 'Rain drop' denim has an exaggerated vertical texture, even more so than the famous vintage LEVIS XX. With time you'll see more and more memories of the denim's use appear in a vertical rain drop-like appearance with strong light and dark indigo shade contrast.

We invite you to discover what it is like to roll each day in a unique 'UNIFORM'!

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